Tariff, recommendations and Council rules to know about

Tariff includes the venue for the day, set up day before, breakdown day after. The Casale is available for only three events per year. 

Please have your event planner contact us to discuss.



  • Marble footpath and front lawn and Entry/Bell Tower including use ringing of the church bell, and floral decoration of the fish pond & tower
  • Inner Courtyard (64 m² suitable for refreshments and acoustical music; balcony suitable for entertainers & photographers) with guest toilet
  • White Courtyard (110 m² marble platform suitable for the reception with sit-down tables and chairs, catered food & drink, 9×12 marquee, acoustical music)
  • Musicians’ deck above reception, covered verandas surrounding reception, stone extension to courtyard. Grassed area for larger acoustical musical groups
  • Potager Courtyard (suitable for vows, catered food & drink, music, photography romantic backdrops)
  • Limited access to main garden, herb gardens & lawns 
  • Lower garage for caterers, staff & porto-potties (includes water access, 3-phase power, stairs up to White Courtyard)
  • Three public parking spaces for the main party, others park on both sides of Motukaha Road


  • Art Gallery for viewing access to be discussed.
  • Guesthouse day rooms (suitable for event preparation, light food & drink).
  • Wired & wireless broadband in the Guesthouse
  • The gallery takes credit cards and EftPos . 

About amplified music

The venue is very suitable for unamplified acoustic music, meaning musicians who play instruments or sing without electronic amplification. Disk jockeys and amplified rock bands tend to create problems, both with the neighbours, and we have noticed, with the event of the day. There are plenty of venues on Waiheke suitable for drunken rowdy parties, but not Casale di Terra, please.

We also have found that when acoustical music is provided, especially classical in the beginning, and later ethnic (Irish, Greek, etc), the guests love it. Most guests want to talk with each other, and find amplified music means they have to yell at each other to be heard. 

Due to complaints from a neighbour to the north, we are now restricting amplified music – especially those with loud base frequencies – to the potager courtyard with the wind wall closed. Amplified music is limited to two hours and must end within a hour after sunset. For those who want to move on to another venue for late night dancing and partying, we recommend booking a Fullers bus and one of the community halls.

About children attending

Casale di Terra is not designed for children, and children are discouraged. Despite asking parents to be vigilant, the results have not been good, as on the day we find children playing the fish pond, climbing ladders and trees and doing things kids do in playgrounds.

Accordingly, if any children are to attend, we now require that a professional nanny must be employed who is on full time for the duration of the children’s presence with one nanny for every six children. Children must be supervised by the nanny and in sight at all times, and if any unacceptable behaviour occurs, that the parents must remove themselves and their children from the premises immediately. Sorry to have to set this restriction, but unfortunately it has been a problem in the past.

About weather

Waiheke has its wet seasons, mixed seasons and dry seasons, but we can get dry seasons where the tail end of a cyclone blows through or every so often surprises everyone with inclement weather. Accordingly, it is best to book marquis to be set up the day before the event and removed the day after.

The wind has two prevailing directions… the southwest is cold, blows in the potager courtyard but is blocked by the main building in the inner courtyard and carrera marble patio. The northerly wind, which is warmer but can be stronger, blows in the marble patio and requires a marquis with side curtains. Best for your event planner to consult with a marquis rental company.


  • For more than 20 people you are required to employ a site supervisor who is on duty for the duration of the event if that service is not provided by the planner.
  • Booking portable toilets is required. We recommend Greenacres Waiheke that is familiar with the venue.

Notes on external regulations and safety:

  • The kitchens are not commercially licensed. Food must be prepared by caterers in accordance with law and served from the caterer’s trucks.
  • The facility does not have a liquor license. Alcohol, if served, must be by a licensed person or company, in accordance with law. Drunkenness is inappropriate for the venue. If that is your intent, please look elsewhere.
  • Amplified music must avoid callouts from Auckland Council Noise Control. Church Bay is a quiet zone. You must contact the in-resident neighbours to negotiate acceptable hours & volume.
  • Loud music has been a problem in the past especially with a neighbour to the north. Accordingly, music must face south in the potager courtyard with the windwall closed.
  • Except for catering staff and the event party, car parking is on Motukaha Road, both sides – please do not block the neighbours’ farm gates.
  • Helicopters are not permitted by Council to land on the property. The facility does not have a licensed landing pad.
  • Water is scarce in the glorious summer months and guests are asked to be considerate and conserve… the gardens & fish will thank you.
  • No pets, please, it just causes problems. 
  • The venue is in the country next to two working farms (sheep & olives). There may be sounds and smells of the country.