View of the Casale looking west

Gabriella Lewenz offers a beautiful and welcoming private sanctuary, and an opportunity to commission a work of art that captures the spirit of your event; or if you find one in the studio that you love, a work already completed. 


Casale di Terra is on New Zealand’s Waiheke Island. It is a handmade Italianate earth-brick country house overlooking the sea in Church Bay. Your journey begins standing outside on the ferry leaving from Auckland as you pass through the sacred volcanic islands of the Hauraki Gulf.


You are met at the wharf and escorted to the Casale guesthouse where you will stay as Gabriella's guest for the night to discuss your art work.

Waiheke is an island people visit from all over the world for the quiet, the natural, the dark skies, brilliant days, long sand beaches and bush walks.

Your choices on culinary exploration are many… intimate cafes in the nearby villages, superb dining in the vineyard restaurants, no brands, franchises or chains.

The sounds of Church Bay are the sheep, birds and the waves on the shore.


Gabriella works in handmade oils based on recipes of the old masters. You may choose your commissioned artwork on stretched canvas, or on the three-paneled altarpiece which is more distinctive and does not require wall space. The abstract icon is a freestanding triptych with a wide centerpiece and two folding panels that fold inward like door covers. The altarpiece can sit on a table, desk or altar as well as hang on the wall. You can select a smaller size that can be carried with you, or a larger size placed in a special area in your home. You may also choose to select a work of art hanging in her studio gallery.



Prices are based on the size and complexity of the finished piece. For the use of the facility, they start at $5,000. Essentially, the facility is free, the prices of the artworks are wholesale - what the galleries pay.


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From North America: Phone Gabriella dialing her US phone (212) 203-4647 (no international charges from USA). For the current time in Auckland, New Zealand, see the clock at the top-right of this page.

From everywhere: The direct phone is +64 9 372 7030 or email if you have any questions.


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